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A Guide To Chopp Golden Rice

Wherever you go on Chopp app, there are notifications about Golden Rice. Have you ever wondered what Chopp Golden Rice is and how to use it? Let’s learn more about it!

Chopp Golden Rice is…

A way to reward our customers for using Chopp service. With each interaction or with orders successfully completed on Chopp, you will receive an amount of Golden Rice. The accumulated Golden Rice points will be used to redeem many exciting gifts. The bigger amount of Golden Rice you are able to collect, the bigger the gift you can redeem.

It’s Now Even Easier To Collect Golden Rice.

You can now receive Golden Rice based on the order value. 10 Golden Rice will be added to your account for every 100,000 VND spent.

However, there is a small note that if the order value is less than 100,000 VND, you will not receive any Golden Rice. For example, if your order is valued at 185,000 VND, you will only receive 10 Golden Rice in total for the 100,000 VND spent.

But there is a small secret that Chopp wants to tell you that your 185,000 VND order will receive more than 10 Golden Rice points! Because...

There are more ways to collect Golden Rice

In addition to collecting Golden Rice through completing an order, you can collect Golden Rice through many actions in our mobile app.

Does Golden Rice have an expiry date?

They do in fact. There will be a certain milestone to redeem gifts with Golden Rice points, after that the number of Rice in your account will be reset to 0. Therefore, don’t forget to use your Golden Rice up before they expires.